Covid-19: What you are not being told, and need to know

I have been asked to write a synopsis of what is actually known about the virus and the “vaccine”. There is a tremendous amount of info, so that will be hard.

It is easy to become inundated with information, overwhelmed by it, and to become mentally numb by the complexity. I will try to keep this as simple as possible, with a few links for you to see some of the sources of the information. Much more information is in this post. A very good synopsis is found at

An angry nurse speaks out.

First, we need to know what we are really up against. This means we need to know what the virus is, what the health risks are, and what can be done to mitigate the risk If we simply look to what is happening to the people who get sick we must acknowledge that there is definitely a virus involved, and that it can and does kill people. The symptoms are exactly the same as the influenza virus, and it attacks those with vulnerabilities in exactly the same way. This article has the sub-headline of “CDC charged with mass fraud: The tests at 7 universities of ALL people surveyed showed that they do not have Covid, but simply Influenza A or B – RIVM and EU statistics: ‘Corona’ virtually disappeared, even under mortality“, and explains that Covid-19 has never been found or isolated clinically. The only thing these researches found is influenza and pneumonia, and the tests the CDC was using would have a positive result for many organisms. You can follow the sources and decide if you think they are credible, but even if we believe the government about this virus, we must look at the facts concerning risk and fatalities. If we do that we find the following:

  • The CDC greatly exaggerated the numbers of deaths, which they later admitted, saying that the actual deaths caused by the virus were less than 6% of the total.
  • The virus is a corona virus, like other viruses we have dealt with, and there are successful treatments already in place for such viruses, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine/zinc. People like Dr. Fauci know this and have used these treatments before, but lied to us to keep us from an easy, effective, and safe treatment. This is inexcusable.
  • The number of cases has been the same as a bad flu year, and, in fact, the number of documented flu cases was inexplicably and unbelievably reduced – almost to zero (actually zero in some countries!).
  • Masking has been shown, repeatedly, to have virtually no effect in reducing the transmission of viruses. It certainly doesn’t help if you are not also wearing sterile scrubs and keeping your hands and exposed skin disinfected (think operating room). As soon as someone touches a surface (merchandise, foodstuffs, chairs, doors, car seats, strollers, carts, checkout machines, etc.) that surface has been contaminated or has transmitted contamination.
  • Masking has been proven harmful when done for long periods of time, even causing Legionnaire’s Disease, etc.
  • The proven risk of death is very low (0.3% or lower), similar to that of the common flu, and no different if conventional treatments are allowed. The risk is higher if, like the flu, you have a condition that makes you vulnerable to flu-like disease, and if you are not treated for flu-like disease, such as using ventilators (which damage the lungs by over inflation) instead of hydroxychloroquine, etc.

Go down the list at to get sources and confirmation of these things.

Next, we must ask why we have been fooled into believing that this thing is more sever than it really is. The answer is very simple, and as old as mankind: Fear is a great manipulator. Look at how much freedom (and money) we have lost due to the fear of this thing. Is it truly a pandemic? No, not by any stretch of the imagination. It is exactly the same in deaths, sickness, loss of productivity, and transmission rates as the yearly flu virus, which is NOT considered a pandemic. Why be told we have to wear masks when they are ineffective? Because it is something easy to get people to do, and it serves as a training tool to get them to submit to an unproven and experimental vaccine later.

Ok, but what is the end-game? Other than control of the masses through fear, it is to get you to accept the “vaccine”. It is here that things get really serious, as any honest doctor or clinician will tell you that the “vaccine” being proffered is NOT, in fact a vaccine by normal definitions – it is a device. I don’t mean a man-made mechanical device, I mean a man-made piece of mRNA that will get into your cells and get your cells to manufacture something that they would not normally make. The patent for the mRNA “vaccine” calls it a device, not a vaccine. It is in understanding what this mRNA will do to you that will explain the end-game of those who are foisting it upon you and so urgently trying to get everyone to accept before the truth gets out. So, let’s look at what we know so far:

  • There has NEVER been such an mRNA “vaccine” given to a populace before, and this one is still listed as experimental and not approved by our FDA.
  • The pharmaceutical companies have be completely exempted from ANY liability for harm created by these products.
  • RETRACTION! Looks like I was fooled, as the spike protein is apparently NOT the same as syncytin-1. That said, it does look like there are problems with it:
  • Already there have be a tremendous rise in miscarriages and menstrual problems. Some medical experts are predicting up to a 70% sterility rate for ‘vaccinated’ individuals.
  • The main people behind these types of “vaccines” have repeatedly declared that they want to reduce the entire population of the Earth greatly – to as low as only 500 million. We are above 8 billion at present.
  • The people who are promoting these “vaccines” stand to make an incredible profit from this. Follow the money. One half of Bill Gates fortune came from pushing vaccines, and Dr. Fauci is financially tied to Bill Gates, who has teamed up with George Soros.
  • Do the big pharmaceutical companies win or lose if most of the people die off? Considering that the problems caused by these mRNA devices (which you can never get out of your system), they will profit greatly – taking everything you own as you slowly and painfully die from the complications over a period of years.
  • Doctors all over the world are sounding the alarm, and warning us NOT to get the “vaccine”!
  • The “vaccine” makes you MORE sensitive to the ‘virus’! It has been acknowledged that it does not prevent the virus and does not prevent the spread of the virus. THEY ARE TELLING YOU THE TRUTH, YET STILL TELLING YOU TO GET REPROGRAMMED!
  • Both mRNA and VV shots seem to leave the immune system wide open for a cytokine storm. All this risk for a disease that carries very little risk itself!

Am I and others who are telling you these things now fearmongering ourselves? I tell you the truth – I wish I did NOT have to tell you this truth! I am a father and grandfather, and these thing portend a very scary future for those I love. Also, as a follower of Christ, I am commanded to love others as myself, and I want you to be informed and safe. Please check out these things on the pages I have linked for confirmation. Do the research before accepting anything foreign into your body and the bodies of those you care for. Stand firm against those who would use fear to manipulate you into your own destruction. God said, “My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge.” Spread the word.

Read the articles, see the videos posted here and here.

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