What George Zimmerman’s arrest and trial means for America

those who are manipulating this country WANT to cause race wars in our land. If you read my last post you know that I believe that the powers-that-be wish to cause riots in order to bring about an excuse for instituting martial law AND to get the black community so riled up that they don’t analyze and don’t think, but instead support Obama simply because his skin is darker.

An open Letter to the President from a Stockholder

Mr. President,
As a shareholder in our corporation for over 50 years I felt it incumbent upon me to write you concerning some irregularities in the way you are running the Company. When you were applying for the position which you now hold we, the shareholders of the corporation, were promised that you would bring about new openness and transparency in how the leadership operates our enterprise. You continued to promise this after we hired you for the job. It has come to my attention, however, that there are a large and growing number of shareholders in the corporation who believe that you have withheld information that may indicate that you have overstated your qualifications for this high-level job in the Company. It is this withholding of information I wish to address.

Bureaucratic stupidity

This is an issue of parental rights. The schools have decided that they “own” the children, or at least have full parental rights over them while they are on school property (whether or no school is in session). First, one must remember that the State is allowing the schools to take this stance, as the schools themselves not only have no legal or Constitutional standing that gives them these rights or even the right to tax or enforce attendance. In this particular case, how is it that they can legally mass-medicate children (or anyone) based on an assumption that SOME of these children MAY get pregnant?