“The Resistance” and Mark Dice

I ran across a very interesting website today: http://www.theresistancemanifesto.com
This site, primarily run by Mark Dice, has been making waves in the news media – waves that the mainstream media is doing its very best to suppress. Why? Because Dice is doing everything he can to expose the truth, as he sees it, behind the war on Iraq and the reality of politics and religion in America. Those who wish he would shut up contend that he is doing our military harm by hurting morale. I find I agree with Dice that those who are putting their lives on the line for us deserve to know the truth. Let me put it this way: If your wife or husband was cheating on you, would you want your best friend to keep quiet about it and not tell you in order to keep your morale up or to ‘save’ the marriage?
From my initial and cursory look at the site I believe he is correct, though I have not examined enough so far to be able to fully endorse his views. I see it as hopeful, though, as most Americans are either fooled, sticking their heads in the sand, too proud to admit the truth, or just plain ignorant (willingly). The Bible warns that God’s people perish for a lack of knowledge, and it is my firm opinion that this means both Biblical knowledge and the ability to see world events for what they are by being informed and analytical.
I am forever amazed at how much Americans are willing to believe lies in order to be comfortable. Because of tradition, pride, or what they were raised with they accept lies that fly in the face of reason. So they turn a blind eye to things such as the Satanic connections and loyalty in the leadership of the Masons, the paganism and rebellion against God in the hierarchy of the Catholic (universal) Church, and the fact that those planes that crashed into the World Trade Center in New York could not possibly have caused those buildings to fall. Yes, these may seem to be harsh words and will cause many people to be very angry, but I would ask these people to set aside pride and anger just long enough to rationally and thoroughly investigate these claims. If they look at these subjects from all sides and still hold their original beliefs then: a) They will be able to answer those who they disagree with by using that knowledge, and; b) their faith in those things will be reinforced. However, I strongly believe that if they do indeed study these things with an open mind, and use their minds and the common sense that God Almighty gave them, they will be astonished at what they find. Jesus said ‘You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free’. This statement does not mean things will then be easier or better for you, in fact knowing the truth gives you greater responsibility and will decidedly make your life harder – but you will no longer be a pawn, a slave, to Satan and his workers here on this planet. It is also my opinion that this very thing, this hard path, is precisely why most people would rather not know the truth. They would rather take the wide and easy path of no resistance. Perhaps, though, there are still a few out there who are more like our country’s founding fathers and would rather have truth and justice than their comfort, but frankly I think that number is very, very small.
Perhaps those like Dice will wake up some of the sleepers. It may not change the course of history, but it may change the course of the spiritual lives of those who seek the Truth and God.

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