California Public School and police abuse teenaged students

The Associated Press reports that students at the El Camino High School in Oceanside, California were put through mental and emotional abuse by teachers and local police last month. Here’s the CNN link. The students were told some 26 of their classmates had been killed in auto accidents. Some students wept, others became hysterical or just stunned. But the teachers and police lied. The 26 students were alive and well. According to school personnel this was done to try to scare the students about drinking and driving.
Now let me get this straight – teachers are required to report any suspicions they may have that a student is being abused, physically or emotionally, but it is OK for the teachers AND THE POLICE to emotionally abuse them. When there is a teacher or student death at these schools now days the students are required to get grief counseling, yet:

“They were traumatized, but we wanted them to be traumatized,” said guidance counselor Lori Tauber, who helped organize the shocking exercise and got dozens of students to participate. “That’s how they get the message.”

Wow. These are the same tactics used to break prisoners in prisoner of war camps, notably Nazi and North Vietnamese! Ask John McCain. And these are 15 to 18 year-olds!
It was my understanding that the teachers and administration of these gulags want the students to trust them. Is this how they engender trust? And what will happen if some student that is already on the edge cracks due to this shock to their system and commits suicide or kills someone? Will the teachers be held accountable? The principal? Of course not!
These days we hear, sometimes weekly, about how stressed students are taking out their anger, depression, or sense of alienation on teachers and other students. It is obvious that something is wrong in our public schools and society in general. It does not take much common sense to see that adding this kind of stress to the situation will not end well.
My opinion? Since you can’t just beat some sense into the teachers/administrators and police without landing in jail, I’d say they need to be fired for their shortsightedness and for endangering the students. Another reason to home school.

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  • This is reason 5483 that we homeschool our children here in California. Thanks for the story this is the first I am hearing about it. Maybe everyone will understand now why parents are the best teachers for their children not these people. The Bible is clear on how we should raise our children and how we to treat others. Telling my 6 year old a lie, that her little brother was killed for running into the street to prevent her from doing so is no way to raise children. This is wickedness to the core and the Bible says they will do it without remorse just like these teachers. God help those poor children.

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