America the Late

I am always amazed when people are shocked or dismayed that I believe that the Constitution is passe and the great sovereign nation of America is essentially no more. I really shouldn’t be. I have supported the Democrats – until they became no-longer the voice of the working men and women of this country and instead became purveyors of big government and socialism and the “don’t tell me what is right or wrong – I’ll do as I please” mentality that denies any real basis for morality. I have supported the Republicans – until I saw that they were really about money and power and a self-righteous false morality that refuses to look in the mirror. I have, in fact, come to see both of these entities as being the same – both based on a blind constituency that refuses to be persuaded that their side is no better than the other and that maybe, just maybe , we should realize that only God is really right., and we had better get back to believing that before all is lost. But we won’t. America is too spoiled – too lazy mentally and morally to make the effort. So we are carried down the path to losing who we were and who we could be in this world of nations. The Democrats have their path and the Republicans have their path, but a thinking person who analyzes what their leaders have been doing since Roosevelt’s time will, I believe, see that both of these groups are leading us to the same end. That end is the end of our constitutional republic as we have known it and as it was intended to be.
What has brought this about? And who cares? That second question is actually the answer to the first. The decline of America is a moral decline – one of lost values, one of losing our moral compass. And that decline is rooted in one thing – selfishness. When a child is pampered and has all the child wants that child becomes a spoiled, selfish brat. We are that brat. We have left the morality of our forebears because it causes us discomfort – it calls for us to take some of OUR time and OUR energy to stand up for it and keep it in place. This is just not acceptable anymore. We want our beer and our football games and to hell with anyone who should tell me what is right for ME.

Unfortunately, this also includes God Himself. Oh, sure, there is a place for Him in our lives, but lets not let Him be too much of a god – that might push me out of my comfort zone. No, I’ll just be a comfy Christian (or Jew, or Catholic, or ??). Or, more and more, there are those of us who don’t even want that influence in our lives, and being more honest, reject God and His morality altogether (-who does this God guy think He is, anyhow?).

So, we reach the place where we find our selves now: right and wrong are no longer based on some outside rock-solid set of rules, but instead we each create our own comfort zone of right and wrong based on what we can live with and what we want. When we do this we don’t any longer hold our judges and officials to account, for what is the measure? And what will it cost us? What do we care? We have what we want – everyone else can go to hell! Well,maybe we’ll give a little to the poor and do a little good deed here and there to salve what’s left of our conscience, show other people how good we are, and give us some reason to be self-righteous. The problem is that by taking this attitude we have let ourselves be led down a path whose end is not just socialism, but also to be despised by the world who sees us from the outside, to lose our identity as a nation as we become part of the North American Union, and soon enough, the one world government that is rapidly approaching. Some would say that this is great, but I fear they will change their tune when THAT monster steps on them. His smell is already here. It is here in high rates of crime, government/corporate waste, outrageous taxation, divorce, drug use, unwanted pregnancies, rape… But we will tolerate it. We will hold our noses and close our eyes – because the alternative involves looking to a standard outside ourselves – maybe even having to look to and be accountable to God. We will close our eyes to common sense, which would clearly show us that the World Trade Center Towers were not brought down by terrorists in planes but by carefully planted explosives.

Oh, no!, you say, He’s one of those people! But have you looked? Have you studied ? Have you used your head to see that what happened that day, as represented by our government and the media, was physically impossible? Or would that take too much of your time and energy? Or more to the point, IF we know the truth we might have to actually DO something about it, and that would push us out of our nice comfy spot. Yeah, it IS a lot easier to get another beer, and hey, turn on the TV the game’s about to start. Who cares if the Patriot Act and other post 9-11 laws have nullified the old constitution? Besides, we feel a lot better now that we sent our guys to bomb the hell out of some other country.

Additional link about Patriot Act Problems


  • This is so so true. I will admit it has been very uncomfortable for me to step out and start posting my beliefs on other sites. What was just as difficult was selling everything we had packing our family into a converted bus and becoming missionaries. But Ive learned that trusting in God and doing as he has asked of us you might be slightly uncomfortable, critisized, and persacuted. But you will be blessed and you can handle it. And having the truth makes us obligated to do something about it. The consequences if we do not far far out weigh the risks

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