Texas Lawmaker Proposing Texas-Run Prison In Mexico

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A lot of nonviolent Mexican citizens make up the inmate population in the increasingly jammed Texas prison system.So a state lawmaker says it may be time for Texas to set up its own prison in Mexico.Sen. Craig Estes says the inmates would be closer to home and they’re going to be deported anyway when their sentences are finished. So the Wichita Falls Republican says the move would save taxpayers money.

This should more than alarm Texans, and indeed all Americans. Just the fact that one of our elected officials thinks we should blur the lines of national sovereignty by putting a Texas prison on Mexican soil is reason to impeach the man. Already we are getting a Mexican customs station in Kansas City, Mo. Why is it that so many of our officials want to create this North American Union? What game is being played behind our backs? U.S. Border agents are being put in prison for doing their job after the Mexican authorities asked they be prosecuted, whilst Bush does nothing about this injustice. President Bush says he wants to stop the flow of illegals into the U.S., but clearly pushes the NAU and the new I-69 connecting Canada, the US, and Mexico economically. It seems this is all being done for the benefit of the large corporations and certainly not for the benefit of the American people in general, though it is being financed with tax dollars. For some answers you might want to look here.

Secrets of the Invasion

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