The Supreme Court declares war

Now that we know for sure, considering the last two decisions, that the Supreme Court is A COMPLETELY LAWLESS AND GODLESS ENTITY, we must be ready for the war that has been declared against Christians, and most Americans, by these two decisions.

MARRIAGE: Our marriages are created by God Himself, not the state. A marriage license from the state says that it can regulate, tax, and dissolve your marriage at the whim of the state. If my state, Texas, does not stand up to this tyranny, then I may need to REVOKE my marriage license with the state. It is none of their business! Understand – this DOES NOT mean that my marriage, ordained by GOD, will be dissolved. “What GOD has put together, let NO MAN put asunder!” It will merely be announcing to the state that my marriage is not controlled or licensed by them, and that THE STATE’S DEFINITION OF “MARRIAGE” AND MINE ARE NOT THE SAME.

I call upon all ordained ministers of God’s Word to stop using the words “by the authority vested in me by the state of Texas”, and instead say ONLY “by the authority of God’s Word” in performing marriages. Do not issue state marriage licenses. Stand up for the One True God and His Word. The homosexuals want STATE SPONSORED “marriage”, but we WILL NOT defy Almighty God and agree to “marry” them. It is an abomination! Jail and persecution are temporary – do not throw away an eternity of being with God due to a fear of man’s wrath.

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