The biggest case of identity theft in America to date.

These days we all must be concerned with identity theft, but there is a current case of identity theft that has and will continue to affect each and every one of us even though we will probably never meet the person it concerns. That person is the President of the United States (POTUS).
IMpeach the IMPOTUS
If you had dealings with a person and found out that they were a pretender – an impostor and NOT who you actually thought you were dealing with – would you keep referring to that person by the name they had stolen (ignoring the fact that they were not who they say they are), or would you demand to know what was going on and cease to do business with them? After watching all the things going on with Barak Obama and doing a little digging, I was forced to conclude that this man is, indeed, an impostor. He is not the POTUS legally, and therefore I can NOT call him by that title. Instead, I will now refer to him as the IMPOTUS, to use a term used by others to mean “I aM President of the United States”, but should mean “IMpostor President of the United States“. This man is not acting as President, he is instead acting as a dictator – trampling the Constitution and ignoring law. For an condensed explanation on why I believe this read the article “Is Obama Stupid and Lazy?” at Western Journalism.

In some ways I pity this man, no matter how anti-American and anti-Christ he is. It is obvious from his speech when there is no teleprompter that he is really not very smart, and also obvious that he is being manipulated by those who put him into office. Here we have what appears to be an American black man, who was raised as a white man and who is being told what to do by white men in order to subjugate all of us – black and white – into slavery. He is in fact, a slave, a puppet of his masters. Here he is, represented as final emancipation of the black community, used by those who hate the blacks and who will eventually use him to embarrass the black people (and all Americans, for that matter). This has already happened in the rest of the world. They are laughing at him – and us. This has also made the IMPOTUS quite impotent concerning world affairs.

Barak Hussain Obama was given a free ride through our school system and our political system. The media, owned by the very people who put him into power, also gave him a free ride. He has been taught Marxist ideology and he has lived the Marxist dream: socialism – you get everything free without having to work for it. No wonder he wants to create a socialist state here, he has been manipulated into believing that Marxism works! Unfortunately he is actually a slave who thinks he is the POTUS. Unfortunately for my black brothers and sisters he is a black slave of white European bankers. My pity for him is tempered, however, by the fact that he is a traitor to our country who is violating his oath to protect our Constitution. He is joined in this treachery by Ms. Pelosi, who obviously knew he was not a natural-born citizen and had 49 of 50 Democratic Party nomination papers changed to drop the wording certifying him as qualified to hold the office under the Constitution (I guess she missed one…). UPDATE: Apparently Hawaii’s (yes, Hawaii!) Section 11-113 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes, requires that the political party of a candidate must provide a statement that the candidate is legally qualified to serve as President under the provisions of the United States Constitution, so Pelosi couldn’t change that one. (See this & and this.)

OUR identity as a nation is being stolen. America, I plead with you to wake up and demand that this IMPOTUS be IMpeached IMmediately!

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