Pizza Hut thinks it’s OK for their employees to die for a few bucks

Years ago I had contracted with Coburn’s Barbecue in Big Town, near Dallas, Texas to do some overnight repairs to the restaurant. I had two employees with me, including one young man I had hired just for this one job. When the managers were ready to leave they came over to where we were unloading our tools from my truck and made and interesting inquiry. They asked if we were armed. This was before we had concealed-carry here in Texas. My regular employee and I exchanged glances. I asked “What do you mean?” The manager said “Do you have guns on you?” I wanted to know why he would ask that. His reply was “Because I’m not leaving you here alone all night in this part of town if you are not armed.” My employee grinned, and I assured them that, yes indeed, we were carrying. The managers said good, and goodnight. After they left my young temporary employee, his eyes wide said “But, but I don’t have a gun!” I pulled out a large hunting knife and gave it to him, saying “Use this, then.” He was again reassured and happy. We worked hard all night without incident – and without fear.

On April the third of this year the Des Moines Register reported that James Spiers, a 10-year employee of Pizza Hut, was fired for carrying a concealed handgun while on the job. Spiers was a pizza delivery guy. He knew about the dangers of his job and legally obtained a concealed carry license for his own protection. He carried his gun in spite of a prohibition to do so by Pizza Hut Corporation.
Spiers was found out when he had to defend himself against an armed man who attacked him while he was trying to make a delivery that turned out to be a setup for robbery. They struggled for a time, but Speirs was finally able to get his gun out and shoot the assailant. The man ran, but police later arrested him at the hospital.
Spiers was fired by Pizza Hut. It seems Pizza Hut would rather see their employees dead than do the politically incorrect thing of defending their own lives. Maybe Pizza Hut is worried about liability. Nope, the concealed carry laws usually insulate them from this, and besides, the Pizza Hut lawyers could probably make employees sign a release of liability for defending their lives. Instead, Pizza Hut knowingly sends men and women out carrying money, often at night, and forbids them to use a means of self defense allowed by law.
Well, I bet James Spiers, and his family, would rather have him alive and unemployed than dead and unemployed. Shame on you, Pizza Hut officers, monsters! For now my family will not do business with you or work for you until you get off your high horse and let your lowly employees have a chance to keep their jobs with a chance to remain alive and well instead of treating them like throw-aways.
I would urge everyone out there to do the same and to protest by calling the Pizza Hut Corporate offices at 800-948-8488 AND by using the contact form online at

Correction – Use this link: (Thanks, Aaron!)


  • Pizza Hut shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!You let a valued employee go trying to defend himself from being killed. Shame on your corporate laws in this day & age.


  • Reference James Spiers, deliveryman, self-defense… termination…

    Where were you, corporate leaders, when this employee needed your help… He was out in the field … working for you… If you don’t allowed for an employee to provide self-defense… then how come you don’t provide police escorts for your employees when they are out delivering your product…

    It sounds like you have an unsafe and hostile work environment for your employees and you do not provide any or very little safety and protection for them … This looks like employer neglect issue…

    I hope you suffer the consequences of a class action lawsuit for wrongful termination and negligence…

    If a legal fund is created for a class action against your policy… I will contribute… My family and I will be boycotting Pizza Hut until you change your policy and create a better safe environement for your employees…

    JM Ramos
    Lubbock, TX

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