Homosexual Brains

According to Reuters, researchers wrote in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that brain scans of homosexual men showed similarities with the scans of heterosexual women, and the scans of homosexual women showed similarities with heterosexual men. Specifically they said the scans showed that homosexual men and heterosexual women have more symmetrical lobes, whereas homosexual women and heterosexual men have similarly unsymmetrical lobes. They also noted that blood flow in the ‘fight or flight’ area of the brain was similar in homosexual women and heterosexual men.
Hmm, so are we to conclude that, hey, if there are similarities like this then there is a biological reason for homosexuality? Or does it stand to reason that these differences simply make SOME people lean more towards perversion. (Yes I said perversion). Or, is it also possible that, having decided to live and think in a homosexual fashion these people are unknowingly causing their brains to change. Sounds like the researchers are just getting started to me. Shouldn’t they also factor in IQ, artistic capabilities, estrogen and testosterone levels, ad infinitum?
And what about the blood flow thing? That seems to me to just be a simple case of individual aggressiveness. Some girls are just more apt to fight than flee, and some guys are more apt to flee than fight. Could it be as simple as that?
If homosexuality is a biological thing then why do all the homosexual men have that pesky Y chromosome. Hey, you are either male or you are not. You may have some tendencies that culture considers ‘female’, but that doesn’t mean you are not male. The converse goes for homosexual women. Come on, it just doesn’t make sense – unless it is really just a decision. The reason most homosexual people out there reject the premise that homosexuality is volitional is manifold.
First, it means they may be defective. No more than the rest of us! We all sin, and are defective in that light.
Second, it means it is their fault. If God made them this way then it is God’s fault. That’s like claiming innocence because “the devil made me do it!” Hmm, well God doesn’t see any sin that way, and it is HIS creation. He makes the rules.
Third, it would mean that they would have to face up to the fact that it is wrong (even nature teaches you that!), and either stop doing what they want to do or be seen as ‘bad’. Surprise! Many homosexuals have repented, come to God, consider themselves set free and are completely heterosexual now. (Maybe their brains suddenly changed…)

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