An open Letter to the President from a Stockholder

Mr. President,
As a shareholder in our corporation for over 50 years I felt it incumbent upon me to write you concerning some irregularities in the way you are running the Company. When you were applying for the position which you now hold we, the shareholders of the corporation, were promised that you would bring about new openness and transparency in how the leadership operates our enterprise. You continued to promise this after we hired you for the job. It has come to my attention, however, that there are a large and growing number of shareholders in the corporation who believe that you have withheld information that may indicate that you have overstated your qualifications for this high-level job in the Company. It is this withholding of information I wish to address.

As you know, due to the unique nature of our Company all stockholders are equal in their importance to the Company, as noted in our Mission Statement which we have entitled “The Declaration of Independence”. Because of this it is important to address the concerns of even small groups of investors when they question leadership’s ability to run the Company. Because of our position in the marketplace it is paramount that our Company be perceived as one with integrity, yet you have allowed these questions to remain problematic for us, when it is apparent you could easily end the debate so we may move on to other matters that are pressing. This has caused us to become somewhat of a laughingstock to those companies we deal with on an international level. Our leadership in the world marketplace is being eroded by this foolishness.

Why, sir, do you continue to allow this to go on? Is it that you are waiting for these shareholders to make fools of themselves? This is not good leadership on your part. You were hired to run your office with integrity, not to play these political games. Or is it that these naysayers are correct? If so then you should be a man and resign immediately!

When the shareholders were holding meetings to decide to whom to hire for this most important position we rejected several other candidates in favor of you. We have learned that you then not only held secret meetings with one person that we rejected for the job, but then you went further and hired her for our third highest position! This disturbed us, but we trusted your judgment. Now, however, you are hiring many of her associates for very high-level positions within the Company. Who is really running your office – you, or her? Are you not competent to hold this position, or are you perhaps being blackmailed? If the latter then tell us so we may help and protect you (and the Company), and deal with the miscreants!

Sir, you have been avoiding answering these questions. Do you work for us, or not? If not, then for whom do you work, our enemies? I, along with thousands of other shareholders demand answers to these questions. You claim to be eminently qualified for this job – simply show us these qualifications and stop the obfuscations that we may get on with business.

John Spinuzzi, Shareholder

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